Data Analysis For The CBD and Medical Cannabis Sectors

This is a holding page while we build out our website. We have been conducting research into things like the cannabis, medical cannabis and CBD markets for several years. These reports have focused on geographic markets worldwide, though there has obviously been a lot of attention – both from the sector and the media – on the growth of the North American and European markets.

As more countries – and states in the US – relax or clarify their laws, the sector looks set to boom for many years to come. There seems to be little doubt that legislation will make for better and safer products for consumers, reduce crime associated with these sectors – though that is generally much lower than for harder substances – and bring the money into the real economy where it can be taxed appropriately.

Most people agree that these are good things. Certainly, anyone interested in consumer affairs and health will see standardised products and services as a good thing and likely to bring the sector out of the shadows and towards the mainstream of business.

These changes will take many years to fully come into effect, but every step – no matter how small – is one step closer to serving customers in a better and safer way. We certainly applaud that sentiment and the progress.

While our reports have covered a wide range of geographies, we do prefer to be involved in consulting that can help to shape the sector, providing data and thought leadership to help take us all to a better place. This is why we are so interested in the legal aspects – such as the CBD laws in Malta, for example – and try to work with a range of stakeholders, such as governments and companies like

We believe that this approach helps us bring the most value that we can to a project, sharing ideas and best practices learned in our other consulting, to make this exciting, fast-growing and impactful business sector a leader for us all.